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Welcome to The OKB!

Old Kentucky Barbeque Sauce

The tale of the OKB has all the makings of a Hollywood movie – a remote barbeque shack, bootleggers and a debt owed which culminates with barbeque sauce made from a 175 year old recipe.

The OKB is a sweet and tangy style of sauce that blends vinegar with eight or more spices and a splash of two types of fruit juices to create a unique style of sauce which truly is the taste of the South.

The Sauce is so versatile and goes well beyond just a sauce for meat and chicken.  Use it as a glaze for shrimp or salmon, it’s great on all kinds of potatoes and steamed vegetables, and it even makes a great additive for your Bloody Mary – we won’t judge.

Now you can experience this amazing sauce for yourself and enjoy the true taste of southern barbeque at its finest.

News from The OKB

The OKB is excited to announce the addition of two new intensities of the sauce – Medium and Hot.

For those that enjoy a sweet heat style of sauce, Medium is the perfect balance of spices and heat to compliment meat, chicken, fish and any style of potatoes.  Folks that enjoy a hotter intensity of sauce, the Hot variety provides the desired heat, has a slow burn at the back of the pallet but yet does not overpower the food.   The Hot is a wonderful addition to ribs and wings.

Of course we will always offer our Original variety of the sauce that combines spices, fruit juices and much more to create a delightful sweet and tangy style of sauce.

All three intensities of the sauce are now gluten and soy free, fat and cholesterol free, low in sodium and sugar, contain no high fructose corn syrup AND are made with all natural ingredients. THE OKB is also a vegan product.

Markets and Special Events

The OKB is available at these fine Farmers Markets throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area:

Old Town Scottsdale Market

Saturdays 8:00am - 1:00pm

Beginning, Saturday October 6

Chandler Farmer's Market

Saturdays 830am -12:30pm

Beginning, Saturday November 3 

Verrado Farmer's Market

9:30 am - 1:00pm

Beginning Sunday, October 28

High Street Market - Scottsdale

Beginning Sunday. October 28

10:00am - 1:00pm


     HALF GALLONS  - $17.00

THE OKB is now available in half gallon containers.  Enjoy 5 1/3 of the 14 ounce bottles for the price of just 2 1/2